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Meet The Dr. Kareem Team

Dr. Kareem has built an amazing staff to work alongside him, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals in health, fitness and life. With his mission to raise the bar and set the standards in the health industry online, he has put together a team of highly qualified and overly capable individuals to ensure that each one of our clients receives our most innovative products and the customer service that they deserve.

Dr. Kareem Picture

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

Founder & President

Dr. Kareem Samhouri specializes in helping people around the world reduce bodyfat and improve joint health at the same time. Dr. K, as he is affectionately called by his patients and clients, has spent time in over 19 different countries, lived with 2 different families abroad, achieved fluency in Spanish, speaks conversationally in Arabic, and has studied multi-cultural sociology. He believes that geographical and socioeconomic barriers no longer need to exist for good health.

In the fields of Physical Therapy and Personal Training, Dr. Kareem is well respected as the authority on 'Neuro Fitness & Rehab,' emphasizing that your central nervous system can assist in communicating with your body for faster and longer lasting fitness results. Fortunately, the language of the CNS is universal, and it can be applied to people all over the world, independent of their particular living situation or workout environment. Through proper communication and cultural sensitivity, Dr. Kareem intends to offer a new solution for fitness and rehabilitation, one that allows for individual differences and societal incongruences.

Dr. Kareem has had the pleasure of working for some of the top rehabilitation facilities and sports gyms in America. He is the founder of the Master Therapist & Master Trainer Certification, owner of Global Fitness LLC - Physical Therapy & Personal Training, the NBC Philadelphia's 10! Show Fitness Expert, and he is the founder of Bucks County's first Medical Mastermind that strives to unify medical minds in Bucks County for improved healthcare. By the age of 29, Dr. K had already written six books, created an internationally best-selling workout-at-home DVD series, and educated over 10,000 fitness professional on how to bridge medicine and fitness through proper communication strategies with medical professionals in their communities.

Dr. Kareem strives to help people around the world by assisting them with their fat loss and rehabilitative goals. His programs are well recognized as the best programs for "getting rid of pain and fat" as quick as possible. He utilizes advanced physical therapy concepts to exploit how your nervous system works and help you get results as fast as humanly possible.

James Curry

Chief Project Coordinator

Jimmy is one-of-a-kind. He leads our team, manages all projects, and has an entrepreneurial spirit that breeds innovation and ingenuity. To say that we feel fortunate to have Jimmy on our team would be an understatement. Having graduated from one of the top business schools in America -- Babson College -- he's run his own business in the past in the Green Energies space, and managed teams of highly productive employees. It's fair to say that Jimmy is an irreplaceable asset. Moreover, he's a great friend to all of us who brings a spirit of happiness and productivity to the workplace.

When you meet Jimmy, you'll be floored, and perhaps a bit mesmerized... because rumor has it that he's a charmer, as well :-)

Tim Brown

Master Trainer & Reputation Manager

Master Trainer Tim, certified personally by Dr. Kareem in what's been referred to as "the most intensive and best personal training certification in the world," is better than any expectation that could have existed. His training knowledge is more than impressive, his educational background comes from one of the top Kinesiology programs in the United States -- Penn State University -- and he is a born leader.

Tim insists on only the highest quality program design, and more importantly, the gold standard of ethics and client care. He treats each one of our clients like family, understands fully when and how to refer to other healthcare professionals to enhance results, and also functions as our team's Reputation Manager; a position that dictates we provide the highest level of service and credibility behind our work. His methods are research proven, his personality is loyal and compellingly motivating, and he adheres to only the best standards of ethics in the health industry. You're going to love working with Tim.

Dr. Kareem Technical Team

Rodney Rivera

Technical Team Manager

Rodney leads our team of "tech wizards." Rodney has been with this company every step of the way since it's infancy and helped to make it what it is today. With so many moving parts and the constantly changing field of technology, Rodney has always managed to keep us on top of our game. Helping us fill in the missing pieces and always pushing our technical team to set new precedents in the industry. He truly is a leader by example.

Dr. Kareem Technical Team

Michael Yap

Chief Web Developer

"Save the Day" Michael Yap -- amongst friends, we call him the "Doogie Howser" of programming. Working with Michael gives us the same confidence as having that world class doctor when we need him/her most. He is really incredible, and his work is appreciated more than he will ever know. His leadership in this company is never overlooked and his willingness to "step up to the plate" makes him one of our biggest assets.

Dr. Kareem Technical Team

Arvin Lao

Web Developer

Since we began working together Cidz has continuously impressed us. He is extremely talented, intelligent, and capable. Working with him is our pleasure, and we're all grateful to have this opportunity. He has been able to bring new ideas, skills, and concepts to the table that have completely restructured our business and its potential.

Richard Villapando

Richard Villapando

Graphic Designer

From the first time Chad helped us as a contractor, through today, we're blown away. His talent oozes from every piece of work he does; his intelligence in understanding the marketing behind quality internet graphic design is outstanding, and his accountability in getting the job done motivates us. He does not miss when he says he's going to deliver, and he makes time for all of those around him at the same time.

Gerard Lanzona

Client Care Manager (day shift)

He's basically superhuman. We really have no idea how he's so talented and able to do so much. From formatting manuals, adding to programs, learning our programs and answering questions most trainers never will be able to. He's been a team leader and inspirational presence in so many of our lives already.

Geoffrey Soyosa

Client Care

The only thing that's more impressive than Geoffrey's work ethic and level of patience involved in his job is his kind and warm heart. He is an amazing individual, a smart and loyal employee, and a fantastic member of our team. We are all so proud to be working with him, and we appreciate every point of contact he makes with our clients. As our 'front lines,' so to speak, his words echo in the minds of our clients, and they inspire, and our clients' results show it.

Bismark Yap

Client Care

Bismark gives a personal touch to a very impersonal industry. Reaching out to everyone of our new clients to ensure customer satisfaction is often times a thankless job. His ability to explain our programs and give guidance has helped hundreds of our clients to get started and stay on their path towards health and fitness.

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"Kareem has the magic touch. His attention to detail and fun spirit really helped turn my workout regimen around. I’ve seen great results in my strength and flexibility while nurturing a shoulder injury." - Lee Bockus
"I am getting very close to my second year with you. Wow! That was a life changing experience for me. And I mean that, in the most positive way. I learned so much from you. I feel absolutely great." - Liv Levesque
"I am a golf teaching professional in Sydney Australia and I have been using your program for myself. I love exercise and getting the best possible results out of my body. I also love the increase strength in my abs and back especially, however my whole body is benefiting." - Tiffany
"Your program rocks, very high-tech cutting edge exercise; and you are a fitness genius!!!" - Brad Backus

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